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U20: Biel Shuts out Hungary
2016-08-26 18:19 -

The Hungarian junior national team hit the ice for their third game in the U20 Super Challenge as they took on Biel. In their first two games they lost to Norway and came up short in a shootout to Riga.

Rich Chernomaz started his third different goalie in net as Péter Nagy got his first start of the tournament with Kristóf Dobos as the backup. Also getting back into the lineup was Márk Vas, Álmos Oroszi, Zoltán Erdei, Renató Tóth and Martin Sági. Wathcing the game against Biel from the stands was Gergely Bors, Gergely Tóth, Nándor Fejes, Bence Takács, Bruno Kreisz and Ákos Nagy.

In the first period the game was very balanced, Hungary had a chance to take the first lead in the game but they were not able to capitalize on a 5 on 3 power play. Biel out shot Hungary 9-7 but Nagy stood tall in net as the teams were tied at 0-0 after the first.

In the second period Biel scored at the midway point of the game to go up 1-0. Minutes later Biel was up 2-0 on a power play and later in the period they were up 3-0.

In the third period things did not go that much better, as Biel scored two early goals in the period  the Swiss club won 5-0.

P.Nagy (Dobos)
Imre, Erdély
Szabó, Oroszi
Vas, Bukor
Gyurgyev, Horváth, Vizi
Sági, Tóth, Erdei
Szabad, Molnár, Szigeti
Jancsó, Majoross, Z.Nagy

U20 Super Challenge Cup Schedule:
2016. August 24.
19:15 HUNGARY – Norway 2-6
2016. August 25.
15:30 HUNGARY – Riga 2-3 SO
2016. August 26.
15:30 HUNGARY – Biel 0-5
2016. August 27.
15:30 HUNGARY – Austria
2016. August 28.

Goalies (3): NAGY Péter (Debreceni HK), BORS Gergely (Fehérvár AV19), DOBOS Kristóf (MAC Budapest)
Defencemen (10): ERDÉLY Botond, IMRE Patrik, SZABÓ Dávid, TAKÁCS Bence, VAS Márk (Fehérvár AV19) FEJES Nándor, TÓTH Gergely (MAC Budapest), VILLÁS Bálint (Ogden Mustangs, WSHL), BUKOR Rajmund, OROSZI Álmos (Vasas)
Forwards(15): JANCSÓ Dávid Zsolt, MOLNÁR Dávid (Debreceni HK), ERDEI Zoltán, GYURGYEV Miklós, KISS Patrik, NAGY Ákos, TÓTH Renátó, VIZI Dániel (Fehérvári AV19), NAGY Zoltán (KeuPA, FIN), KREISZ Brúnó, MAJOROSS Barnabás, SZIGETI Ákos (MAC Budapest), SÁGI Martin (DVTK Jegesmedvék), HORVÁTH Bálint (Rögle, SWE), SZABAD Kevin (Vienna Capitals, AUT) 
Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Rich CHERNOMAZ 
Assistant Coaches: SVASZNEK Bence, KISS Dávid