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U18: They were fast and stronger than us
2016-08-26 23:11 -

The players and an assistant coach gave their opinions about the loss to Belarus in the second game of the Olympic Hopefuls Tournament.

Árpád Lőczi, forward: They were a technical team how is used to playing together, it was hard to play against them. This were stronger and faster than us but what was the biggest thing was that they were thinking quicker than us. We fought hard and eventually pick up their pace, i think if we played against teams like this more often we would eventually be playing like them as well.

Nátán Vértes, forward: I think I left everything on the ice and I think that the team played great we were there for every puck. This just happened to be sharper and quicker.

Krisztián Blazsej, defenceman: I saw a chance and I put a shot on net that happened to bounce off of the goalie and in. I felt great on the ice and think we have a great team. We just have to keep our heads up and play with a full heart.

Martin Szeles, goalie: We knew this was going to be a hard game since they are a quality opponent.  We need to be a bit better on the penalty kill and we can give the Slovaks a good game tomorrow.

Szabolcs Fodor, assistant coach: These are the games we can learn from, we can see when we play opponents like this where we still need to grow to. These are the type of games we need to prepare for the world championships and develop as a team.

Budapest Roster
Goalies (3): GALLÓ Olivér (Vallentuna, SWE), SZELES Martin (Ifj. Ocskay Gábor Jégkorong Akadémia), TÓTH K. Balázs (Blackwings Linz, AUT)
Defencmen (8): BALAJTHY Dániel, FEKETE Botond (Ifj. Ocskay Gábor JA), BLAZSEJ Krisztián, MOLNÁR András, POKORNYI Dávid (UTE), DRUJA Benjámin, SEREGÉLY Máté (MAC Budapest), KISS Tamás (Debreceni HK)
Forwards (12): DÉZSI Bence, MADÁCSI Benedek, VÉRTES Nátán (Ifj. Ocskay Gábor JA), GALÁNTAI Richárd,  LŐCZI Árpád, TÓTH András (MAC Budapest), HORVÁTH Ákos, KOVÁCS Sebestyén, SZALMA Zsolt (UTE), MAKOVICS Bence (Rosenheim, GER), PÁKOZDI Bálint (Okanagan Hockey Academy, UK), RÁCZ Kristóf (Debreceni HK)
Head Coach: Glen Williamson
Assistant Coach: Szabolcs Fodor

Zvolen Roster:
Goalies (2): FARKAS Gergely (Vasas SC), SÁGI Máté (MAC Budapest)
Defencemen (8)EGYEDI Zsolt, HORVÁTH Olivér, SZABÓ Zsolt (UTE), FUTÓ Máté (DVTK Jegesmedvék), HALASI Máté (Fehérvár AV19), KRUPPA Nándor, TÜRMER Gábor (MAC Budapest), TÓTH Krisztián (KMH Budapest)
Forwards (12): GÁSPÁR Soma, PÁTERKA Bence, SELMECZI András (UTE), HORVÁTH László (Győri NEMAK ETO), KEDVES Richárd, KORCHMA Bence (MAC Budapest), PÓS Bertalan, R.SZABÓ András (DVTK Jegesmedvék), SZEGHALMI Kevin, TAKÁCS Noel (Vasas SC), SZIGETI Máté (Debreceni HK), VARGA Balázs (Pesterzsébeti HC)
Coaching Staff
Head Coach: András Horváth
Assistant Coaches: Imre Peterdi

August 25-28., Budapest - Tüskecsarnok
August 25.
16:00 Belarus – Slovakia 0-7
19:15 HUNGARY – Poland 4-3 OT
August 26.
16:00 Slovakia – Poland 9-1
19:15 HUNGARY – Belarus 0-5
August 27.
12:00 Poland – Belarus
15:15 Slovakia – HUNGARY

Hungary U18-Zvolen U20
Hungary U18-Zvolen U1